Why join GSSI?

As a member of GSSI, you become part of a friendly international network of academics and practitioners who share in-depth knowledge of sales, sales management, and its application.

GSSI members’ advantages:

  • They become part of a global network of colleagues keen to share ideas and experience
  • They are informed about and invited to the annual conferences
  • They can elect the members of the steering committee
  • They can be elected to the steering committee
  • They have access to over 200 papers (proceedings of the annual conferences) on this website
  • They can share competitive papers or work in progress at the annual conference
  • The best PhD member student paper will receive financial support

Membership is currently free. Become a member today! No obligations!


I want to become official member of GSSI!

There is no official membership for the moment. We appreciate if you become active in the organisation. Just contact one of the board members or use the email cited below. 

How can I join the GSSI organization?

Please send your email adress to piotr.kwiatek@gssi.world. Piotr will put you on the mailing list. From this moment on you will be included in all the information exchanges concerning conferences and others.
Are non-academics able to become GSSI members?
Yes, we welcome sales practitioners to GSSI.

Will I have any obligations joining GSSI as member? 
No, you will not have any obligations. We appreciate it if you become active in the organization, but this is up to you.

I do not want to be on a mailing list. Can I still be a member?
Well, for practical reasons this is not possible. How can you be informed about the conferences and other of the GSSI stuff if you do not want to be on the mail lists? You can relax: we do not put you in CC, we put the mail adresses into BCC, so your mail adress is not shown to anybody.

How much does the membership cost?
There used to be a charge for membership, but due to a policy change it is currently absolutely free of charge.

How much does it cost to attend the conference?
Each conference fee is different due to local cost differences. Fees will be announced on the “next conference” page.

Can I attend the conference without being a GSSI member?
Yes, mambership is not a necessary prerequisite for the attendance of the conference.

Ready to Join?
Drop a line to piotr.kwiatek(at)gssi.world