What GSSI means:

The Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI) is an international network formed in 2007 by both academics and practitioners involved in B2B sales & B2B sales management. Its aim is to unite the scientific research, teaching and best practice of professional B2B selling & sales management around the globe. It brings together scholars and practitioners from across the world to further advance global collaboration in B2B sales research, practice, and education.


What GSSI offers:

  • Annual conferences in different locations
  • A global network of researchers, teachers and practitioners
  • Academic job offers
  • Database of over 200 scientific papers on B2B sales freely accessible (proceedings of the conferences)

In order to facilitate the exchange, the GSSI has chosen a light organisation form. There are no official memberships and no fees. To become a member, please send us your request and email address. Then, you will be included in the mailing list and receive all information and messages until cancel notification.

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Chair and AMA liaison:
Prof. Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, Kansas State University National Strategic Selling Institute, USA

Vice Chair of Strategy and Chair Elect:
Prof. Margarethe Überwimmer, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria 

Vice Chair of Communications:
Prof. Piotr Kwiatek, American University of the Middle East, Kuwait

Past Chair and Vice Chair of Elections:
Prof. Jobst Görne, Aalen University, Germany

Vice Chair of Conference Planning and Promotion:
Prof. Pia Hautamäki, Tampere University, Finland

Ad Hoc GSSI Board Member:
Prof. Ellen Bolman Pullins, University of Toledo, USA

Future Vice Chairs of Conference:

Stefan Wengler, HOF University, Germany
Ulrich Vossebein, Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, Germany
Gabriele Hildmann, Kairos GmbH, Germany
Catherine Johnson, University of Toledo, USA

Past Vice Chairs of Conference:
Dr. Willy Bolander, Florida State University, USA
Dr. Karen Peesker, Ryerson University, Canada
Dr. Maria Rouziou, HEC Montreal, Canada