What GSSI means:

The Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI) is an international network formed in 2007 by both academics and practitioners involved in B2B sales & B2B sales management. Its aim is to unite the scientific research, teaching and best practice of professional B2B selling & sales management around the globe. It brings together scholars and practitioners from across the world to further advance global collaboration in B2B sales research, practice, and education.


What GSSI offers:

  • Annual conferences in different locations
  • A global network of researchers, teachers and practitioners
  • Academic job offers
  • Database of over 200 scientific papers on B2B sales freely accessible (proceedings of the conferences)

In order to facilitate the exchange, the GSSI has chosen a light organisation form. There are no official memberships and no fees. To become a member, please send us your request and email address. Then, you will be included in the mailing list and receive all information and messages until cancel notification.

Our next conference will take place in Toronto, Canada

Prof. Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, Kansas State University National Strategic Selling Institute, USA

Vice Chair and Chair Elect:
Prof. Margarethe Überwimmer, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Austria 

Vice Chair of Communications:
Prof. Piotr Kwiatek, American University of the Middle East, Kuwait

Past Chair and Vice Chair of Elections:
Prof. Jobst Görne, Aalen University, Germany

Vice Chair of Conference Planning and Promotion:
Prof. Pia Hautamäki, Tampere University, Finland

Future Vice Chairs of Conference:
Dr. Willy Bolander, Florida State University, USA
Dr. Karen Peesker, Ryerson University, Canada
Dr. Maria Rouziou, HEC Montreal, Canada