What GSSI means:

The Global Sales Science Institute (GSSI) is an international network formed in 2007 by both academics and practitioners involved in B2B sales & B2B sales management. Its aim is to unite the scientific research, teaching and best practice of professional B2B selling & sales management around the globe. It brings together scholars and practitioners from across the world to further advance global collaboration in B2B sales research, practice, and education.


What GSSI offers:

  • Yearly conferences in different locations
  • A global network of researchers, teachers and practitioners
  • Academic job offers
  • Data base of over 150 scientific papers on B2B sales freely accessible (proceedings of the conferences)

In order to facilitate the exchange, the GSSI has chosen a light organisation form. There are no official memberships and no fees. To become member, please send your email address to the organisation. Then you will be included into the mailing list and receive all information and messages until cancel notification.

Please send an email to: jobst.goerne@gssi.world to be included into the mailing lists and regard yourself being member of GSSI.

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How can I become a GSSI member?

Please send your email address to jobst.goerne@gssi.world. Jobst will put you on the mailing lists. From this moment on you will be included in all the information exchanges concerning conferences and others 

Does being a member require academic sponsorship?

No, you can be a member of GSSI without academic sponsorship

Will I have any obligations joining GSSI as member

No, you will not have any obligations. We appreciate it if you become active in the organization, but this is up to you.

What happens if I join GSSI as member?

You will be put on the mailing list for the newsletter and for the call for papers and the yearly conferences. You obtain access to the data base of proceedings which holds over 150 papers by now

I do not want to be on a mailing list. Can I still be a member?

Well. For practical reasons this is not possible. How can you be informed about the conferences and other GSSI stuff if you do not want to be on the mail lists? You can relax: we do not put you in CC, we put the mail addresses into BCC, so your mail address is not shown to anybody

Are non-academicians able to become GSSI members?

Yes, we welcome sales practitioners to GSSI

How much does the membership cost?

There used to be a charge for membership, but due to a policy change it is currently absolutely free of charge

How much does it cost to attend the conference?

Each conference fee is different due to local cost differences. Fees will be announced on the “upcoming conference” page

Can I attend the conference without being a GSSI member?

Yes, membership is not a neccesary prerequesite for the attendance of the conference.

Ready to Join?

Drop a line to jobst.goerne@gssi.world